Classic Story

Originating in 2005, Classic Skate is, and always has been, skater owned and operated. Classic has provided a community for Hudson County's youth and a welcoming feel for people just passing by. Organizing an effort that included local skaters and the city's Mayor, Classic Skate designed and facilitated the completion of Collins Skate Plaza located on 1st street in Bayonne, NJ.


The brand had a humble start and the community took hold in a true grass roots effort. With a focus on fashion and skateboarding, the Classic brand grew in popularity reaching beyond city and state borders. Though the doors to the brick and mortar have closed, the brand remains true to its name, which is timeless.


We would like to give credit to our original designer Mustafa "Moose" Fares @moosetagrams, who brought the "C Star" to life. Thank you for all your labors of love.


Keep it Classic.